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Forest and Land Management  Services

Applying knowledge, skills, and experience from more than fifty years of practice to provide solutions to your resource management needs.
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Land Management Services
All phases of land management are provided by ERS. We understand the complexities of coordinating land use projects, and we know how to manage large projects and maintain work quality throughout projects of long duration.

We work closely with landowners and property representatives to meet project goals and timelines. ERS has skilled project managers who have managed large multi-year projects and provided hands on support to large and small timberland owners.
ERS has extensive experience in all aspects of timber appraisals including quantifying forest resources, assessing volume and value of harvestable timber, and timber and tree damage assessment. 

Clients include private landowners, estates, attorneys, non-profit organizations and public agencies. ERS can provide timber valuation appraisals in support of purchase of sale of timber or timberland, litigation support, estate valuation, and fire damage assessment and valuation.

ISA Certified Arborist Services
ERS arborist consulting and advisory services include assistance with tree selection, hazard tree evaluation, construction damage avoidance, sudden oak death evaluation, pest identification and management recommendation, powerline and right-of-way conflict resolution, damage assessment, street tree inventories, arborist reports, and tree valuation.

ERS does not conduct tree pruning, tree removal, fertilization, aeration, cabling & bracing, and/or spraying for pest control.
Environmental Services
Our staff of qualified professionals, including a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC), California Registered Professional Foresters (RPF), ISA Certified Arborists, and other consulting foresters, working together with partners in specialty fields can provide a wide range of environmental services including archaeology surveys for THPs, botanical and wildlife surveys, carbon project analysis and inventory, sediment source surveys, and geologic reviews.

Property Management
Services provided by ERS range from timber sale management and administration for small parcels to complete property management of timberland and wildland tracts. 

ERS has experience developing a wide range of management plans, from fuels reduction and wildfire protection plans, timber harvest plans, to conservation easement documents. ERS has the experience and expertise to develop the right plan for your property. 

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is more than maps or pictures. GIS integrates resource data and correlates it to a map, and the visualization provides a powerful tool for analysis. This allows a user to view, understand, question, interpret, and visualize the data. ERS uses GIS as a tool to support the decision making process by utilizing data such as Lidar and high resolution orthophotograhy.